The One Thing You're Not Supposed To Do

August 26, 2013

Christine GentryWriter, storyteller, and teacher Christine Gentry (whose fiction appeared in our first issuewas featured in a recent episode of This American Life, The One Thing You’re Not Supposed to Do. Christine grew up in a house in Texas where her father had one important rule: “we have loaded guns in the house, and even though I’ve taught you how to shoot them, no one can ever touch them without me being there.” But one day, as a teenager, Christine broke this rule.

You can also hear Christine talk about a series of remarkable moments with animals in this episode of The Story Collider. Thomas Dodson, founding editor of Printer’s Devil Review, also interviewed Christine about the craft of writing flash fiction for Champs Not Chumps, Episode 5: Flashback. You can find more recordings of Christine, including readings at The Moth StorySLAMs, at her website.