Selections from the Magazine

All of our issues can be downloaded for free as PDFs (and some as Ebooks). Below are a few of our favorite stories, poems, and essays that we've optimized for reading in web browsers and on mobile devices.

Web Exclusive

自動化 || Automation by Andrew Campana


Shivaree by Mark Watkins

Natalie Takes the Elevator by Kate Racculia

First Meeting by David Vardeman

Morning Sickness by Olga Feliciano

The Quest by Khanh Ha

How to Sex Yourself by Gabrielle Reeve

A Proposal by Edward Porter

City of Women by Allan Converse

Home Repair by Gemma Cooper-Novack


Charles Olson's "Projective Verse" by Sam Cha, David Taber, and Thomas A. Dodson

Call of the Cult Flick by Brian R. Hauser

I Am Wild and Always Will Be by Miranda July


For Light, For Fire by Sam Cha

The End by Adam Clay

Tchaikovsky, 1944 by Cassandra de Alba

The Dream in Which You Are by Kendra DeColo

Set Yourself on Fire by Maggie Golston

Orphan by Kathleen Hellen