Spring 2013 Cover

Spring 2013 TOC
Projective Verse
Jordan Kessler Photographs
Jordan Kessler Photographs
Pedagogy by Candace Wuehle
Chris Way Paintings
Words in Black Marker by Jenny Hayes

Spring 2013

In this issue: poems by Adam Clay, Jesse Mack, Brenda Serpick, Peter Jay Shippy, and Candice Wuehle. New stories from Olga M. Feliciano, Jenny Hayes, and Josh Swiller. Jordan Kessler's photographs capture the patterns of light and dark punched by bullets into metal, paper, and plastic. Other works display the impressions of pistols pressed into velvet or brightly-colored styrofoam. This issue also features paintings by Chris Way, a self-taught artist whose work in chalk and pastels seeks to join the straightforwardly autobiographical with the alien and unseen. You'll also find a pair of critical essays (by Sam Cha and Thomas A. Dodson) that examine the theory and practice of Black Mountain poet Charles Olson and his influential essay, "Projective Verse." If you're more in the mood for memoir than literary criticism, you can dive into the lush language of Madison Cyr's "Girl under the Mango Tree."

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