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The lovers in "A Proposal" find fulfillment in their secret trysts, until one of them asks for something more.
New York City at Night 1950
City of Women: a lesbian private dick follows the trail of a killer into the sapphic underground of 1950s New York.
Photo by Jarrod McCabe
Discover new artists in every issue. Photo by Jarred McCabe, featured in our first issue.
Charles Olson
Projective vs. Non-Projective Verse: it's a no-holds-barred slugfest over the legacy of poet and essayist Charles Olson.
Photo courtesy of Roadside Attractions
Miranda July talks with PDR about her film The Future.
Broken Videotape
In Olga Feliciano's "Morning Sickness," a family secret is tangled up with a broken videotape.

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Printer’s Devil Review is an independent, open access journal of literary and visual art published by Black Key Press. We provide emerging writers and artists with access to publication and inquisitive readers with new voices and visions.

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