Cover by Benjamin Swallow Duke

Call of the Cult Flick by Brian Hauser
Photos by Georgie Friedman
Man in the House by Meischen
Paintings by John Gentile
Poem by Chelko

Spring 2012

Brian R. Hauser takes you on a road trip to the H. P. Lovecraft Film Festival (with illustrations by Harriet "Happy" Burbeck), and Annabel Gill talks to a ghost. Poems by M. R. B. Chelko, Judd Hess, Rebecca Givens Rolland, and Ed Skoog, along with stories from Gabrielle Reeve, David Meischen, and Edwin Steckevicz. Also featuring a series of photographs by Georgie Friedman, taken from high-altitude balloons as they ascend into stratosphere and crash back to Earth, and paintings by John Gentile that express nostalgia for the ordinary and the well-worn.

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