Tchaikovsky, 1944

by Cassandra de Alba

The ballerina is careful of her feet

around bullets sparkling in the snow.

She pauses at each pine tree,

listening for the sound of dance,

hearing nothing but the night

yawning and unhinging his jaw.

She ties a scarf around a soldier’s missing jaw,

avoiding a severed foot

wrapped like a present in the night.

For Light, For Fire

by Sam Cha

But all I've got's this car-exhaust-blue

whiff of naphtha, click whirr scrape of flint

and knurled steel, tongue flick of orange and soot

in an oblong of dull metal, corners rounded

and nicked. Hard as brass, bold as brass –

But wounded, still. Feel it.

The snaking abrasions, hair-trap tangle

Pearl Bird

Poetry from Deborah Schwartz

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Deborah Schwartz is a poet and fiction writer living and writing in Boston. Her poetry has been published in various journals including The GW Review, modern words,The Comstock Review, Aeirings (UK), eclectica, and Contemporary American Voices (forthcoming).