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Cover Artist for Spring 2013

December 9, 2012

Jennifer R. A. Campbell, Min and Bill

Painter Jennifer R. A. Campbell has agreed to let us use an image of one of her works for the cover of our Spring 2013 issue. 

Campbell is a Canadian artist currently based in Boston, MA. She studied drawing, painting and printmaking at the Ottawa School of Art and has been working primarily with oil paint for twenty years. Her last solo exhibition, Random Harvest, was at the Sarah Doyle Gallery at Brown University, Providence, RI. Her work has been shown in Canada, the United States, and Australia.

She says of her work:

My work is a narrative of symbols. The identity of the people in my paintings is suggested by their attributes, often the stereotypical emblems of stock characters. They play roles, they star in ads and movies, in stories both real and imagined. They play the elite, living an endless summer, or rebels, living on the margins of society. The figures become symbols, carriers of meaning through their relationship to material culture and the interaction with each other.

I am inspired by the crisp linearity, bold colours and shallow surface of advertising and poster art. My figures occupy these simulated spaces, like actors in a studio. I concentrate on the surface details of the figures, built up in thin glazes of oil paint to accentuate the artifice of the image. 

You can see more of Campbell’s work at her website. Several of Campbell’s paintings will also be on display as part of the Point and Counterpoint Exhibit, from March 18 to April 18 at the Trustman Art Gallery at Simmons College in Boston. The opening reception will be March 21.

The work pictured above is Min and Bill.

PDR on New Pages

Kirsten McIlvenna provides a review of the latest issue of PDR on the New Pages site. New Pages provides news, calls for submissions, and guides to independent bookstores, independent publishers, literary magazines, alternative periodicals, independent record labels, alternative newsweeklies and more.

David Sedaris Reads Miranda July

New Yorker Fiction PodcastThat squeel of delight you just heard? That was us. The latest edition of the New Yorker Fiction Podcast features David Sedaris reading and commenting on writer, filmmaker, and performer, Miranda July’s story “Roy Spivey.”

We’re great fans of both writers and had the good fortune last year of talking with July about her latest film, The Future. If you missed it, you can download and read our full interview here.

Cantab Anthology Kickoff

Cantab Anthology

For twenty years, the Cantab Lounge, a dingy bar in Cambridge’s Central Square, has been host to the Boston Poetry Slam and some of the best performance poets on the local, national, and international scene. Every Wednesday night the venue gives local poets a chance to share their work in the open mic or slam and features either a headlining poet or theme slam.

Most of those nights, poet Adam Stone is behind the bar. In addition to mixing drinks, he also curates the venue’s weekly writing prompt series, Tips from the Bar. Stone, himself a Cantab “Champion of Champions,” has just completed a book documenting the poetry that’s passed through the venue. The Cantab Lounge Anthology packs twenty years of poetry between its covers, highlighting those poets and poems that have become the stuff of Cantabrian lore.

Tonight, Monday, October 15, the Cantab Lounge will be celebrating it’s storied history and the new anthology. There will be plenty of Cantab regulars performing “covers” of work featured in the anthology, and Stone will be selling copies of the book and taking orders. You can find more information here

Cassandra de Alba reads "Tchaikovsky, 1944"

Cassandra de Alba

Listen to a recording of Cassandra de Alba reading “Tchaikovsky, 1944.” The poem will appear in our next issue, due out in October.

Cassandra de Alba’s work has appeared or is forthcoming in Red Lightbulbs, Amethyst Arsenic, Neon, and FRiGG. She has represented the NorthBEAST at three National Poetry Slams (with Slam Free or Die in 2008 and Hampshire County Slam Collective in 2010 and 2011) and performed up and down the East Coast with the No More Ribcage tour. 

She has published several chapbooks and is working on another, but title-wise is never going to top 2009’s i am running away and joining a circus whose only act is to make the audience feel really, really bad about being happy. She lives in Somerville, MA.

Sam Cha Reads "For Light, For Fire"

Sam Cha

Sam Cha stopped by yesterday and gave a reading of his poem “For Light, For Fire,” which will appear in our next issue. You can listen to the recording here.

Sam Cha is an MFA candidate in poetry at UMass Boston, about to enter his third and final year. Before he was an MFA candidate, he studied at Williams, UVA, and Rutgers.

He was the winner of the 2011 Academy of American Poets Prize at UMass Boston (judged by Marilyn Chin). Also of the 2012 Academy of American Poets Prize at UMass Boston (judged by Martha Collins). Also, he was one of the recipients of the 2011 &NOW Awards.

He’s been published (poems, essays, translations) in apt, anderbo, Opium Online, decomP, Radius, ASIA, and Amethyst Arsenic, among other places. And his favorite kind of pie’s a mud pie with a rope ladder baked into it—lockpicks and chisels on the side, hold the tin plates.

Masculinity Now

Caleb ColeJoin Caleb Cole, an artist whose work will be featured in our Fall 2012 issue, along with fellow photographer Jesse Burke for Masculinity NOW! 

Part of a salon-style discussion series sponsored by the Somerville Arts Council, the artists will take part in a conversation about the role that gender plays in their work. The event is tomorrow night (9/12) at 7:30 p.m. at Arts at the Armory in Somerville.